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to quote katie's description of the burberry resort 2011 collection, "they took two of my least favorite fashion things, ruching and crochet, and made me like them."  while i have an incredible amount of respect for say, the theatrical and intricate beauty of the late alexander mcqueen's dresses, oftentimes the looks that i am most drawn to are those that i desire to wear in my daily life.  and so, it is due to this fact, and in honor of my dear friend crochet-sherry from bonnaroo, that i introduce my long overdue new look of the moment.

with each collection he releases, christopher bailey impresses me more and more.  his ability to transform the once stuffy british house into a major fashion player once again within the past few years has been nothing short of astounding.  this look in particular just further solidifies burberry's place as a countryside beauty brand with a kick of rock and roll.  i love the unabashed use of brown and black together, and the shoes alone just make me die.  i can't tell for sure whether they're sandals with black socks underneath, or actual booties.  i was over wide belts until i saw this one which is just so well constructed.  i think i disliked them before only because of all the shitty pleather target ones i've been stuck seeing middle aged "hip" women wear for the past three years or however the fuck long.  and you know that the intricacy of the crochet detailing would be absolutely stunning in real life.  thanks, christopher bailey, for giving me an outfit to daydream about wearing while sitting outside at a restaurant in manhattan drinking a bloody mary on a sunday morning, slightly hungover and looking perfectly disheveled.

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