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katie and i both had mixed feelings about the 2010 chanel cruise show.  one thing we definitely liked about it though, was the nail polish.  on the models it looked like a very light powdery blue, but it in the bottle it appears slightly more turquoise.  the actual color is nouvelle vague by chanel nail vernis, limited edition of course, and is not something i can qualify spending my lousy waitressing paychecks on right now.  tomorrow katie and i are going on a quest to find an acceptable substitute.  i'm not sure how many readers we have anymore (did we have any before?  ha), but if anyone has any brand/color suggestions, we would really appreciate them.  i've only come up with a couple viable options through my online research so far, o.p.i.'s "what's with the cattitude" and essie's "turquoise and caicos" among them.

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