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i'll admit it; i'm a little bit late for jumping on the karlie kloss bandwagon.  at seventeen, she's arguably the top runway-walker in the world currently.  but i've always found her a touch overrated.  yes, it's nice to finally have a new american face in the industry, but it's always been tough for me to get past most of that hype to really pay attention to her modeling.  that being said, i think her cover for the latest issue of teen vogue is fantastic.  i love seeing models in magazines rather than actresses and singers; this is definitely a nice change of pace for teen vogue.  she's wearing alexander wang's "football dress" for the cover and i think it and her look are perfection.

besides that, she's still so innocent.  models often get the reputation for doing lots of drugs and partying, but karlie kloss still always travels with an adult, and was spotted reading the great gatsby backstage rather than smoking cigarettes like many of her peers.  it is also reported in the magazine that she bakes cookies for designers, such as when she made a peanut butter version for alexander wang when she had a fitting with him.  adorable, right?

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