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as much as i hate posting the very first photos i see on fashion gone rogue, these two editorials made my pulse beat so fast i just knew my heart would explode if i didn't share them. i feel like combined, these two editorials explain my style pretty well. on the one hand, we've got angela lindvall looking as natural as ever, playing with farm things in some hay in loads of denim; no fussy tresses or extreme makeup here. and then on the other hand there's olga sherer wrapped up in the finest couture musing through the american museum of natural history (which i will count as winderness-y; just look at those crustaceans!) looking as prepped as a princess or a porcelain doll.

while i love getting dolled up and looking like a princess, the city where i attend college doesn't really support that kind of look unless you're in one of those sororities who takes it to the extreme - think leathery, orange skin, white-pink lips, the highest heels you could find a wet seal, and a dress borrowed from snooki herself. the city does, however, really love the outdoors and all things woodsy. while i wasn't initially excited about this, i've kind of embraced the outdoors feel without losing my love for all things prada. i feel like this new cultivation of combining fashion worlds is a really good way to dress practically and look successful for the real world (à la olga sherer) but also enjoy my years left as a young adult where sporadic bike rides and hiking trips are all too common and having fun with my clothes while i can (à la angela lindvall).


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gorgeous pictures !

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