jax gives...peter som, A++++


peter som's show was the absolute epitome of bohemian chic, haute hippie, etc., etc...  seventies influence has been played out a million times over in fashion, but mr. som has found a way to breathe new life into the trend with his fall collection.  a masterful blending of geometric, floral, and impressionistic abstract (yes, i just made up that term) patterns mixed with some metallics, sequins, fur, and thick feathered material made retro fashion seem fresh again.  the looks all were just-disheveled enough to appear thrown together and cool enough for the socialite uptown and the hipster downtown.  som also found a way to make velvet military hats look almost desirable, and the makeup, which was minimal aside from the impossibly dark lips, was a great final touch to pull it all together.  add to the fact that the shoes shown have been the most awesome i have seen all week, peter som's fall collection is definitely my favorite of all the labels i've seen thus far.  viewing all black shows can get old fast, and this was a great escape from that.

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