katie likes...watches.

i've only had/worn one watch in my life, and at the tender age of nine, it fell off of my wrist as i ran to catch the bus and my father crushed it with his car. i was devastated; i never wanted a watch again, because obviously no watch could be any cooler than my digital watch that was also a stopwatch!

after that first watch, i decided that i never wanted a watch again because i just wanted my own, broken watch back. as the years rolled on, the trend of not wanting a watch continued for more practical reasons: i had a cell phone that told me the time, there were digital clocks plastered on every empty space on a school wall, and a clock function on every single electronic item in my house. but at the suggestion of one mean professor to, "get a watch if you need to check the time," i suddenly really wanted one again; but not a dinky, kids watch, a beautiful, classic one. after searching online, i realized that my favorite options were quite out of my price range, so for now, i lust over these few watches and wait for the right one to waltz into my life:

paul & joe - net-a-porter

i love this paul & joe watch. they are such a fun brand! the classic silver band makes it simple enough to go with whatever you're wearing, but the intense tiger/snow leopard/great cat picture in the middle makes it youthful enough for a 19 year old girl to be wearing.

juicy couture - bloomingdales

while i'll adamantly admit that i am much more of a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, the girly appeal of sparkly jewels gets to me every once in a while (example: giant "diamond" earrings from forever 21 best fit for vanna white). while i might get mugged for walking around campus with this strapped on my wrist, i'd take the risk.

juicy couture - bloomingdales

this is much more my style and way more discreet than the previous watch. i like that from far off (aka, squinting at your computer screen) it looks like a normal black watch, but up close you've got tiny little rhinestones and a "snakeskin" strap. she's a beaut'.

marc by marc - bloomingdales

once again, a plain silver body with a perfect, fuschia face. and the fact that where the numbers should be, perfect silver lettering spells out, "by marc jacobs," like a gift from the great man himself... need i say more?

timex - bloomingdales

i absolutely adore this one. its got that nautical theme that i'm loving right now and, as described by timex, it has a very "vintage" look. its clean, big face also allows us who grew up in the age of digital everything to read the time without having to stare and think for half a minute before we figure it out.

nixon - bloomingdales

this watch is a little more modern than my style, but i love that it's so sleek and plain. it seems like no matter what you wear it with (jeans and a tee, an evening gown, footed pajamas, you get the picture) it would instantly make you look absolutely badass, and that appeals to me.

hopefully i'll get lucky enough to snag one of these watches asap, however, $250 is a little bit much for my current jobless, college budget, so i'm guessing i'll have to chance upon a suitable timepiece at forever 21. oh well, a girl can dream...

by the way, i know i already posted about it, but if you haven't listened to vampire weekend's new album contra yet, you. have. to. i've probably already listened to every song 15 times. it's incredible.


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chelsea rebecca said...

AH! i've been wanting a watch too!!
a want a chunky clunky GOLD one but after this post i am eying that paul and joe one {you know cause i can afford it and all!}

fashion westie said...

All I want is a chunky silver mens watch and my old Mickey Mouse watch that I lost at the pools when I was a kid- my Mum was MAJOR ANGUS at me for losing it.

The paul and joe one will suffice however :-)

Sparkles x0x0

le pearl said...

I am in love with big watches! Especially large white ones like Chanel's range. Although I do love the first watch! How adorable <3

Erica said...

i love chunky watches


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