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while i'll be the first to admit that i jumped off the nautical boat long ago (i'd have rather drowned than sailed the seven seas with that trend for the past 4ish years), this pre-fall season of DKNY is sort of oddly captivating for me.

when i think of nautical, the first thing that pops in my head is the mom who saw the trend on QVC last summer and now marches around the grocery store in navy, wide-leg trousers, a too-tight red and white striped, boatneck top, some sort of rope sandals, and tacky, golden buttons all over herself.

thanks to DKNY, however, that image will forever be changed for me. looking through the collection, you get this really sexy, sophisticated vibe (something that i have never before associated with mrs. first mate that i mentioned above).

the shapes and the obvious resemblance to chanel in the jackets give the collection a sense of ease i've never associated with this trend; rather than being about following the captain's orders, DKNY's take on the trend is less "swab the deck," and more "let's sip martinis on the yacht."

so thank you, Donna Karan, for changing how i do (and hopefully will) use the nautical trend in my life. hopefully our readers (do you exist???) can gain something from the collection as well.


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