katie likes...the look of the moment, january 17, 2010.

so okay, a better title for this would be, "katie likes sandra bullock's golden globe's choice," but we'll get to the focus of the post real fast. just read...


while i'll quickly be the first to admit that, in pictures, this dress resembles the color of the brightest purple crayon i never used as a child (i've really always been into neutrals),

that being said,

sandra bullock killed it at the golden globes in this dress. it was absolutely stunning! the way the translucent bottom half moved when she walked created this gorgeous, magical effect. after doing some research to find out who she got this dress from (it was a surprisingly hard job), i figured out that it was from the bottega veneta spring 2010 RTW collection, and when i looked up the dress on style.com, this is what i found...


...thank you jac, for showing us the true potential of this gem of a dress!

in honor of mrs. bullock's incredible choice of attire for this year's golden globes, this beautiful gown is my choice for look of the moment.

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chelsea rebecca said...

HOPEFULLY this WEEKEND!!! {if i can get a ride!!} did you get some fabulous shoes at home?!}
and i love this purple dress.
although i don't love sandra as much and i think she didn't belong at the award shows. haha.

olivia rae said...

i loved her dress too. you have such great style katie! and you're so gorgeous!! thanks for your sweet comment! xoxo

Lori said...

she looks lovely, and her acceptance speech was adorable ;)

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