katie likes...madonna for dolce & gabbana.


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so no offense to madonna herself, but i've never really been a fan. as a 19 year old, i missed all of her glory days in the 80's. all i really know about madonna is that she likes adopting babies and has scary strong arms for someone in her fifties. seeing her in fashion advertisements doesn't excite me in any way, but it doesn't bother me either; that is, unless the ad happens to be one of least age-appropriate ads ever:


now, don't think that i'm trying to say that madonna is old, because she's not! i just think that when you're in your fifties, it's a little cougar-esque to be spreading your legs for a louis vuitton ad.

so when i heard that madonna was going to be doing the campaign for dolce & gabbana, i was a little upset; dolce & gabbana, with all the sex appeal in the world, i thought, would certainly put madonna in another...compromising position. i was very wrong though.

the ads seem to showcase her in a more age appropriate, sophisticated manner than louis vuitton did, but the shots are still packed with the sensuality that many associate with madonna.

so i applaud dolce & gabbana and the queen of pop herself for creating a beautiful campaign that shows us that women don't have to look like 20 year old models to be sexy.


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