katie dislikes...the right to bear arms.



now i know i've said before that i'm not a supporter of fur; that said, i can truly appreciate it when i see a garment that is made of fur and well-crafted. however,

don't you guys think this is just a little bit ridiculous?

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Eva said...

I agree, that is ridiculous. Like a furry toy soldier.

pearl. said...

haha, who would actually wear that? just imagine walking down the street and seeing someone wearing it!
Thankyou for your lovely comment, its comments like yours that make me continue blogging :)
Pearl xo

Victoria Lorraine said...

agree! dislike this look a lot,


olivia rae said...

yes! hate it! not a fan of fur either...

Panda said...

This is the weirdest thing. hhahahaha, whaaaat?
Panda xx
Thank yew for my lovely lovely comment! It made me smile!

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