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i consider purses to be one of the most important and telling pieces of a girl's wardrobe.  even if someone is wearing yoga pants and a tshirt, you can tell her taste by her bag.  i'm especially particular about mine because i only own a few that i switch out with each other every so often.  i'm a big fan of real leather and just can't bring myself to buy the fake stuff, so buying a new purse is always a big investment for me.  i've been wanting a cross body bag for a long time but just couldn't find one that suited me that i could afford (my number one choice was alexander wang's $700 beauty, the brenda bag).  somehow i managed to run across this while at the mall picking up something for my boyfriend.  it's from for love, the accessories only brand under forever 21.  it was $20 so i decided it was definitely worth shelling out for it.  instead of faux leather it's faux suede, which i honestly can't tell the difference from the real thing other than the fact that it's a little lighter.  it's perfect because it's small enough that it won't be a bother; i can just leave it on when i go to parties/bars and not have to worry about losing my wallet and keys.

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