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so i'm about to get ready for the evening, but i thought i'd write a quick blip about two things: the wii fit's awesomeness and a great blog i found.

the wii fit:
just had to pry myself away from it, because this is seriously the cutest means of exercise i've ever encountered. i'm still not entirely convinced that a small, plastic board and an animated trainer are the key to my having-a-great-body dreams, but for now, they'll do. maybe if "female trainer" doesn't work out, i can get anja rubik to teach me warrior pose.

i found this great blog a few days ago and since have been wasting my time just scrolling through the endless pages of inspiration from this great australian girl named (as far as i can tell) bel. she's very trendy, and a great source of ideas. definitely check her blog out!

hope everyone is enjoying the nice post-christmas lag.


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