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merry christmas readers!!!

i hope that everyone has/is having an absolutely superb december 25th this year. i know i certainly am, despite the fact that i (once again) did not experience a white christmas. it's okay though, because i did receive a number of quite wonderful gifts from my family. while i don't have pictures of them (my sister is the one in the family with the wonderful camera, yet she refuses to upload any of the photos), i can give a brief description of some of my favorite items:

a fuzzy, beige, knit circle scarf from the gap - couldn't locate a picture of one online, because they are apparently sold of out everything at the gap. but, trust me when i say that this chunky, little neck-warmer is going to make every single one of my outfits from january til april 100% cuter than they already would be.


i mean, come on, natalia vodianova does the ads: how could it not be good!? but seriously, even without the commercial appeal of the russian goddess/model, this stuff has always been like a drug for me. every time i'd walk into sephora, whenever there were no employees around to give me the eye, i would spray just a little bit on me. i love it, and now it is mine!


the wii fit plus! now finally anja rubik can teach me to do yoga (and hopefully i'll magically end up with her stellar body after doing a few sessions). i've always wished that i could just exercise in my own house rather than at the gym with creepy guys and weirdly skinny women watching me sweat all over the place; now i can.


the voluspa floraison candle set! i am freakishly obsessed with candles, and i've wanted this set for so long now! not only do these candles just look so cooly oriental, they smell wonderful. my great boyfriend got them for me over the internet, and i can't wait for them to arrive.


a keurig coffee brewer! i'm super excited about this, because while i already have a pretty nice coffeemaker of my own at school, i am the only roommate who drinks coffee. so usually it just sits unused, seeing as i don't want to throw out half a pot of coffee every day. it also brews super quickly and is easy to clean. in fact, i'm drinking a nice, warm cup of caribou coffee as we speak (and it's deeeelish).

also, while on the topic of gifts, i know that i've been given a tremendous amount of really great things this christmas, and all day i've been thinking about how fortunate my family and i are. i'm going to try to do some volunteer work this semester at school to help people feel as fortunate as i do. anyone out there who knows of some fun ways to help out the community, let les deux know!

finally (i know, i'm absolutely boring you to death), if you're wondering, i found the card at the top of the post at oh so beautiful paper, the cutest little blog i've seen in a long time! they showcase cards, invitations, calenders, and other things that are beautifully made. if you've ever got some down time, check it out, it's a super neat site.

joyeux noel!


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