katie likes...sweet dreams.

so while i had imagined that an entire month of winter break would give me all the time i needed and more to relax, i was entirely mislead. i am now much busier than i ever was at school with working, visiting friends, etc., which is leaving me with very little time to sleep, let alone figure out what to write for you readers (thanks to SunnKissed, WhtieJungle, and one anonymous commenter for admitting that you read our blog!).

while i won't officially say that we're taking a break from writing (there's still dylan and jax to write), my posts will probably slow down for a little while. instead of les-deux-ing, i'll be shopping, wrapping gifts, and (most importantly) sleeping!

i hope that the holiday season doesn't drive too many of you crazy, and i hope you're all going to have sweet dreams tonight like i will!

i'm leaving you with a few stunning pictures from the hubble telescope before i drift off into slumber...


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