katie dislikes...starbucks!

...okay, so i don't entirely hate starbucks, just some of their decision makers.

as someone who has recently attempted to swear off coffee (attempted is a very key word here), i've turned to tea for my daily caffeine fix. i've long been a HUGE fan of tazo green ginger tea, and while i know i can buy it from my local grocery store (publix, in my case) and steep a nice hot cup at home, it is just so much more satisfying to me to drive into starbucks and have them make one for me.

so back to the current starbucks outrage...

this afternoon i swing through the drive-thru and order my typical venti green ginger (with a few ice cubes please!) and great news: starbucks no longer sells it. not only that! they no longer sell wild sweet orange or calm tea. to those of you who drink more than those teas and are about to let out a big, "whew," don't yet; apparently those three are only a few of the many varieties that we won't be seeing anymore. seeing as the first three teas are the only teas i drink from tazo, i was clearly outraged at the poor man in the drive-thru window who visibly began to shrink away from me as i became more outraged!

while i know it's not the biggest deal to you hardcore coffee junkies, to us tea drinkers/starbucks lovers (particularly those of us who quite enjoyed the spiciness of green ginger, the sweet yet tanginess of wild sweet orange, or the soothing flavors of calm), this is quite distressing.

so while i do and always will be a lover of starbucks, i am temporarily rather unhappy with the company. shame on you, starbucks tea haters



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