katie likes...julie and julia.

so the other night my family (and my close friend virginia in substitute of my sister) had a quaint little chinese take-out dinner while we watched the movie julie and julia, starring amy adams and meryl streep. while i knew i'd probably enjoy it solely for the fact that i enjoy baking sweet treats and because it's been quite a while since i've seen any chick flick, i was incredibly shocked by the end when i decided that it had pushed its way toward the top of my favorite movies list!

the movie is just absolutely adorable. the way that the movie swaps between the lives of julie and julia is done perfectly. i'd say that even if you don't love cooking (or in my case, baking), it's still a cute movie. i'm definitely adding it to my christmas wishlist. that way, if i'm ever feeling sluggish on a rainy spring day, i'll just pop it in the DVD tray and not only watch a great movie, but feel motivated to get out of bed and do something with my life.

i definitely recommend it.


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