Oh, Hey There

Oh, hey me.

So remember way back in April when I promised that you'd be seeing more personality from Les Deux in the near future? No? That's okay, nobody actually read this blog in April, so I forgive you. Anyway, I lied back then, but I'm telling you the truth now when I say that there will be more personal style from here on out. Why? Because I've finally got a camera! But before you start fretting, thinking that Les Deux will just be clogged up with outfit posts every day, let me lay down the law and make it known that I will only use my Canon Powershot for good...and by that I just mean that I'll use it sparingly.

That said, I figured I may as well celebrate my new toy with a nice little 1 a.m. outfit post. So here we go, this is how I layer like a pro:

Wearing: Boots by Wanted, pants from Gap, t-shirt from Target, navy cardigan from Gap, coat from Express, scarf from American Apparel, headband from Scarlett Begonia (a boutique in Nashville), awesome backpack from Target.

I call this look tribal soldier, because (unfortunately) my warmest coat just so happens to be almost the exact color of the pants I was wearing today. Ain't no thang; military-wear is popular right now. Plus, nothing, not even monochrome overkill, could stop me from wearing this faux-fur lined coat when it's about 25 degrees with 15 mph winds.

I'm still feeling a little uncomfortable about asking my friends to take pictures of me and then finding an awkward corner of my living room to shuffle around in while I look like I'm in a Deal Breakers promo. This is all weird/new territory for me, so please forgive obtrusive dorm furniture, grainy editing, and self-conscious 8th grader poses until I get into the swing of things. We got a deal?

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Anonymous said...

a boy stole my girl military jacket. gotta love it.... oh wait.

Aimee said...

Oh, this makes me so happy to see! I like your style already.

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