Mary Katrantzou Fall 2011 RTW


I'm all torn up about what to say about Mary Katrantzou's fall 2011 show.  On the one hand, she produced one of my favorite collections that walked in 2010, and I wish nothing but great things for the young designer.  On the other, a lot of her looks for the fall season fell short in my book.  In fact, as I viewed the show, I found myself either head-over-heels in love or completely hating every look, never falling anywhere in between (loved the ones at the top, not so much the ones on the bottom, just F.Y.I.).

The pieces that I did not enjoy were the ones with prints that crossed into cartoon-ish territory, far from the home decor photographs that covered the dresses in her spring show.  Another aspect that I found myself loathing was Katrantzou's gratuitous layering.  These looks had that "everything plus the kitchen sink plus every single floral pattern that ever existed" quality that rendered them unflattering and unwearable.  I wish that someone had told the designer that less is more, especially when she's already been proven to have such a flair for print making.  This, however, is not a total Mary Katrantzou bashing session; as I said before, I absolutely adored some of the looks.  The dresses with sleeker cuts were far more suited for the intense patterns and brilliant colors, and I much preferred the more rhythmic prints to those that were all over the place.  It's much easier to appreciate the designer's craftsmanship when my eyes aren't going numb from so much chaos.  Overall, not a terrible collection, just kind of a let down compared to Katrantzou's brilliant spring 2011 season.

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Amazing patterns

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