Top Ten Collections from 2010

After debating for a while about how to segment this post, I decided that the easiest way to do it was to choose from the collections that actually showed in the 2010 year, rather than pick from collections meant for the 2010 seasons.  Thus, the shows that I chose from were Spring 2010 Couture, Fall 2010 RTW, Fall 2010 Couture, and Spring 2011 RTW.  I didn't purposely leave out Resort and Pre-Fall, but this is just the way that it worked out.  I tried not to over think my list, and instead simply tried to think of the collections that most stuck out in my mind from the past year.  This may have led to some errors, but it's my list, so really, I can pick whoever I'd like.  Happy New Year!

1.  Cushnie et Ochs, Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

As I said previously in my review of the collection, "It was like Christopher Kane meets Calvin Klein in the most awesome way imaginable.  A dark take on innocence and femininity to be certain; schoolgirl skirts were turned leather, while their pleats unexpectedly made their way onto other pieces in a type of patching as well... Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs are definitely some of the best emerging talents in design today."

2.  Erdem, Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Again I quote myself, because I am lazy... "According to the designer, this show was 'about Picnic at Hanging Rock: girls surviving on the mountain.  Elegantly, sort of,' which comes through most clearly in the color palate, and the graphic prints of leaves and birds.  Fringe, lace, and ruffles gave added depth to many silk numbers, as well as standing out on their own.  I have to say that one of my favorite aspects of the show was the use of gray. Although it's a color that has been seen more and more frequently on the runways the past few seasons, I found its appearance on the closing floor-length numbers quite unexpected and incredibly beautiful."

3.  Missoni, Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

This collection was, "like part tribal-part bohemian-part goth-part AWESOME, with a little bit of a Celtic edge."  This was a bold step out of the brand's comfort zone, while still staying true to their heritage.

4.  Maison Martin Margiela, Spring 2010 Couture

For the man who once created a 2-in-1 dress/coffee table, these clothes were surprisingly tame and wearable.  They're still eccentric, sure, but they remain just grounded enough for those that want to make a statement without wearing a dress from their local butcher.  Kind of like the arthouse piece of the fashion world.

5.  Marc Jacobs, Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

The toast of NYFW last February, Marc Jacobs's fall show was a dreamy, awe-inducing masterpiece.  Notable highlights from the collection included adorable ankle socks, ladylike hemlines, and simple layering.  But it really wasn't any of these things that made the show so great, rather, all of the elements seemed to work together and create a synergistic effect, which, according to reports, brought many audience members to tears.

6.  Givenchy, Fall 2010 Couture

According to Tim Blanks, "the inspiration was Frida Kahlo and her three obsessions: religion, sensuality... and the human anatomy."  For me, this was most apparent in skeletal-like details.  The adornments consisted of a variety of mixed media, including feathers, metals, and lace.  These embellishments are easily some of the most intense that I have seen to date.

7.  Prada, Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Between the striped fur stoles, orthopedic shoes, broad-tailored suits, and tropical patterns, Prada was perfectly cheeky and wonderful. Plus, anything with a Warhol print is gonna win me over. As Miuccia said, "It's time to be bold," and with that, minimalism was washed away.

8.  Mary Katrantzou, Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Mary Katrantzou was the breakout designer of London Fashion Week this past September, and I'm absolutely enamored with her pieces.  Architectural minis and cutaway dresses made a turn for the literal as their prints were actual manipulated photographs of various spectacular interiors.  I'm pretty big on prints to begin with, so when someone employs them as creatively as this, it's definitely a win in my book.

9.  Alexander McQueen, Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Alexander McQueen's last collection, although not completed, exhibited all of the spectacular craftsmanship that he was so well known for.  Medieval influences along with religious iconography effectively accomplished McQueen's goal, which Sarah Burton said was "looking at the art of the Dark Ages, but finding light and beauty in it."

10.  Rachel Comey, Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Maybe the most simple out of my top ten collection picks, Rachel Comey's was also of course, the most wearable.  Simple and sweet, while still managing to be fashion forward, these clothes managed to take nineties influences and mix them with chic, modern uptown style, creating a collection that I would be more than happy to own every single piece of.


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