How To Be Realistic


Above is one of my best friends, Hannah. She's always got really great, realistic, I-just-stepped-out-of-Gap style. Yesterday she stopped by my work to visit me (please note the tacky wall colors I have to stare at for hours at a time) and I was instantly smitten with her outfit. As someone who's most often inspired by Alexander McQueen, ballet-terror movies, Tavi Gevinson, and a whole host of other brilliant, "weird" fashion icons, it's easy to forget how to dress realistically for life in a small southern city. Hannah, however, never forgets.  This look reminded me of those Parisian chic outfits that are so common at The Sartorialist, but done in a very distinctly college way.

Hannah is wearing: shirt from Ralph Lauren, circle scarf from Gap, dress, socks, & boots from Target.

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