Meet Sally Hansen's Collide-O-Scope Salon Effects nail polish.

If you haven't heard of Sally Hansen Salon Effects, it's basically a peel and stick nail polish kit with all sorts of great patterns and colors. I scoured every Walgreens/CVS/Rite-Aid/Walmart in the vicinity for the great leopard printed nails that I saw on Move Slightly, but after failing to find them, I settled on this Prada-esque camo print that is exactly how a nail polish baby of their Pre-Fall and Spring collections would appear.

See? SEE?!

As with everything, however, there is the good and the bad:

The Good
The colors are super bright and fun. 
The kit comes with a handy little nail file/buffer and wooden stick (technical term?) for pushing back cuticles, which makes it a lot easier to apply the "polish". 
I've gotten a million compliments on them, and I feel like I can stick to my usual wardrobe of mostly black and still look accessorized.

The Bad
They're expensive. One kit comes with a mere 16 "nails" and costs $10, so you can't even apply them more than once.
They're kind of ridiculously hard to apply. Maybe my kit was faulty, because I saw nothing but good reviews on the ease of application. Maybe I'm just bad with my hands. Either way, it took me about 35 minutes to apply those suckers and they still didn't go on very smoothly.
Some of the colors were faded before I even put them on my nails. The continuity from nail to nail isn't that great.
3 days in and my nails are already starting to chip at the tips and pucker upward at the cuticle, despite the fact that they are supposedly chip free for up to 10 days.

So all in all the bad definitely outweighs the good. That said, I can't stop staring at or thinking about my trippy camo nails, so they're at least making me happy, which is all that really counts anyway. Worth it? Not really. Will I buy them again? Probably. Like flowers, this nail kit is expensive and will expire in a week anyway. Only, unlike flowers, I get to wear this product and enjoy it everywhere I go. Hopefully I'll be able to find the leopard print next time I invest in this kit, but if not, I may have to go with the black and white houdstooth. As much as I hate that print, I've got to admit that it looks pretty badass in the pictures I found on Google.

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Anonymous said...

Wal-mart close to the Mall (Hamilton place at them hidden in a corner). Check it.

Anonymous said...

I found mine very easy to apply and at my walmart it's 7 bucks or something and its not that bad. 3 days in and there is only minor (like small microscopic amounts) that have chipped off at the tips but honestly- only i hv noticed it. I'm getting a lot of compliments (I'm currently wearing flower girl or girl flower- whatever :)) and i really like it. Will buy again!

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