MOMG MObama Wore McQueen!


We don't usually bring up the first lady's style on Les Deux.  Mostly because it is generally great and needs no discussion.  I personally loved this Alexander McQueen resort 2011 look that Michelle Obama wore to the state dinner for Chinese president Hu Jintao.  However, it seems to have caused quite a stir with fashion critics and designers alike, each of whom has their own analysis of the look.  Cathy Horyn of the Times and Robin Givhan of The Daily Beast both seemed to view it favorably.  Givhan went so far as to say that she thought it was, "a broad statement about the new realities of the fashion industry," and went on to describe in great detail exactly what the dress was communicating.  Oscar de la Renta, however, was not so pleased with the outfit.  As the dinner was about promoting trade between American and Chinese industries, ODLR found it in poor taste that the first lady chose to wear a European brand.

I find all of their in-depth reviews somewhat humorous, though.  Does everyone really think that every outfit Michelle Obama wears has to be a political statement?  I mean sure, when I saw that she wore red, I thought that could be a nod to China, but I didn't think much past that.  I might be totally wrong, but I just assume that when the first lady is wearing a great dress such as this, it's because her stylist brought it to her and she thought that it looked nice.  Or maybe I'm just too shallow to comprehend the intricacies of dressing politicians' wives.

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