When people made a fuss over this beauty spread in the January edition of French Vogue, edited by Tom Ford, I didn't really see why there was a problem.  The only picture printed with the stories that I read was the one with the perfume bottle (fifth shown).  And I thought, sure, they're overly made-up, but it's all been seen before (Toddlers in Tiaras, anyone?).  However, upon viewing the entire editorial today, I was somewhat disturbed.  Whether intentional or not, it's hard to ignore the sexual connotations that come from posing on a bed, or animal fur, or even with high heels.  Not to mention, this is French Vogue that we're talking about here, a magazine notorious for revolving around sexuality throughout editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld's reign.  These images don't inherently imply sexual themes, but unfortunately, when placed in this context, I'm afraid that they seem to.  I don't mean for this to sound closed minded, but in this case I'm siding with Franca Sozzani.  So many fashion editorials today resort to vulgarity just for the sake of shock value.  To quote Sozzani from her blog, "Without a strong idea exasperating an image is just self-satisfaction."  In addition, it's just not fair that six year-olds get to wear Tom Ford's amazing lipstick when I can't afford to buy a single tube for myself.

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Aimee said...

Gosh, I love this! Those photos are definitely no where near innapropriate. They're fab! Might have to post these on mine.

A styleZ said...

gorgeous I LuvZ them...but a little creepy

Anonymous said...

As beautiful as these CHILDREN are, this spread is so wrong, for so many reasons. This is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

As for the content in the ad, I find nothing inappropriate, but at the same time, this opens the pandora's box to something frightful and twisted I would not want to see. With our society twisted as it is, we sit here criticizing over something so harmless and innocent.

Anonymous said...

Children at this age should be laughing and playing and have an uncomplicated childhood. It's sad to see that we as adults are just never satisfied...we must take that innocent beauty and push for it to bloom much earlier than what it's suppose to. It is because society is so twisted that we should protect these young children for as long as we can.

Anonymous said...

this is a pedophile's delight. children appearing as vixens. still nothing wrong now that it's put into context? pedophilia is alarming prevalent in our society, especially with young children being preyed upon in cyber-space, away from parental protection, the content in this editorial spread is simply foreplay to the sick-minded pedophile's of this world. Now picture those little girls as your daughters, neices, grand-daughters, that of people close to you, and go rexamine the appropriateness of the CONTEXT of the photo spread in an internationally accessible publication, and tell me if you think it positively value to our society. Pandora's box has officially spilled its contents.

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