White Lightning


John Galliano's designs for Christian Dior and Alexander Wang's for his namesake line are hardly comparable.  Each is great in his own way; they just represent opposite ends of the fashion spectrum.  While Wang makes clothes for the downtown cool and hipster model set, Galliano's works are made for only the highest of society.

I, like Katie, was not overly excited with Alex Wang's spring 2011 collection.  One thing that I was able to appreciate, however, was the hair and makeup.  Plain, dewy faces went well with the sheen of the clothing, and smears of white paint complimented the construction worker aspect of the show.  I most enjoyed the white paint because, in a world where most every creative possibility has been played out before, this seemed like a fresh take on runway hair.

Then, when clicking through a feature on Style.com, I came across a beauty look from Christian Dior Spring 2010 Couture featuring white, painted hair.  How could I have overlooked this key fact, that Galliano had done it first?  It must have slipped my mind because, while a few of the models had white streaks at the front of their updos, the vast majority did not.  Of course, the look was not executed in the same way at all by Alexander Wang, but the concept is similar enough that it renders me even less impressed with Wang's SS '11 collection.  Alas, there will always be fall in February.

Whose version do you prefer?


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