Bleet, Bleet, Angora Goat, Have You Any Mohair?


You know you want it...

You love this sweater. I mean, come on, how could you not love this sweater? Mohair. That perfect, marled grey. Slightly grunge in the way that it hangs, but totally graceful with that boatneck collar up there. The beautiful little tag at the nape of the neck which reads:

I know, you aren't a label whore! You'd just sell your computer, your car, your soul, and maybe your hair for an Isabel Marant piece right about now.

You want to buy this sweater. You want to wear it with cargo pants, with an A-line skirt, with dripping silver earrings, with an elegant updo, with a leopard print bag, with nothing at all; you just want to buy it, and put it on, and never take it off. And that's all nice and good (and passionate, certainly), but there's a problem with the price of this pretty little pick: it's a whopping $405, and you are a realistic person, and you know that a sweater is not worth destroying your bank account. You know that, sadly, it's not worth it.

It would look better on me.


(Images from net-a-porter and iris)

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Aimee said...

OY what a gorgeous sweater! So expensive though! Hope you find something equally gorgeous to spend your days in :)

Briana said...

Ah I do want it! I love the look from net-a-porter. To die for.

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