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A sample from Jane Aldridge's closet?

I've never really been one for vintage clothing. It's a huge shopping trend in fashion, I know, but I've always had a lot of problems with it; the fabric is usually weird, the fit can be off, and there's often a lingering scent that can only be described as "old". And maybe it's just the lack of good thrift stores in my area, but the bulk of what I find when looking for vintage clothing is overly priced, shoulder-padded, awful, teal blazers, complete with terribly dated, gold buttons.


While scanning through Cup of Jo the other day, I clicked on a link that brought me to Allen Company Inc., an Etsy vintage site with loads of beautiful dresses, coats, and bags - all vintage. I was shocked to find myself considering the allowance of vintage into my life (particularly that lovely, layered white dress, obviously saved for my wedding day). And while most of my favorites were quite a bit out of my price range (my wedding dress being $485), many of the dresses were under $100 and, in my cheap opinion, totally worth it.

Hopefully I can gather up enough money to own one of these awesome, straight-out-of-a-Mad-Men-episode dresses sometime soon. Until then I'll just wear my one vintage piece, a ridiculous Christmas-y cape, around campus and relish in my individuality (weirdness).


(Images from Allen Company Inc.)

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