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"My approach to fashion design is influenced by my daily life... my search for new means of expression. I feel that recently there has been a little more of an interest towards those who look for new ideas and who are searching for a new sense of values.  My wish is to be able to continue the search for the new."
- Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons

Top to bottom:
1.  Desk at the Homme store in Nagoya Parco
2.  "Bonded" dress from 1986 collection, shot by Steven Meisel
3.  Fitting room of the Tricot store in Nagoya Parco
4.  Silk chiffon and organdy look from 1989, shot by Peter Lindbergh
5.  A look from the A/W '90 collection
6.  Dress with breastplate of jagged silver from 1990 collection, shot by Minsei Tominaga
7.  Freestanding Homme Plus store in Aoyama

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