John Galliano: A Dissection


John Galliano shows can be a bit to swallow sometimes; they often have elaborate themes and inspirations behind the collection that always yield a show with an overwhelming amount of detail and frequently appears costume-y. Because of this, I find it difficult most times to pick out individual pieces that I enjoy from specific looks, let alone entire collections. 

However, this Galliano show featured a number of beautiful gowns that caught my attention immediately while sweeping down the runway at the end of the show. While they were all stunning, it was (as it usually always is) hard to appreciate the incredible beauty in each because of the overwhelming amount of detail featured along with each gown: a large coat on top, other gowns floating in the background, a large veil or scarf blocking the way. Once you let all that stuff mellow out though, it's easier to realize that the dresses are insanely beautiful. Especially when you consider the option of editing the dress to make it more real-life appropriate. I'm hoping to see some of Galliano's otherworldly embroidery featured on a few starlets come award season. I can already imagine the customized versions of all of these dresses (particularly the understated navy one with the embroidered petals cascading down the bottom) posed carefully on atop some Louboutin heels and a red carpet.


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