Alexander McQueen


Dear Sarah Burton,
Thank you so much for willingly continuing with the legacy left behind by the late, great McQueen. I think that I speak for most fashion lovers when I say that we all worried about the content of your McQueen shows from the day it was announced that you would become the main designer for the house. Not because you have a lack of talent--that, you have proven to be more than sufficient. It was simply because, when such a great artist has left our presence, we're forced to ask ourselves if their art could ever be imitated in the truest form or, even more of an impossibility, whether or not it could continue down its planned path. As far as what McQueen would have planned for this collection, we'll never be able to know, but I have a feeling that it would have been something strikingly similar to this.
No one expects you to be McQueen, Ms. Burton, and no one expects to ever see work the lights of his again. All that said, you're doing an incredibly fantastic job filling the empty, armadillo shoes he left behind.


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Aimee said...

I love the shorter style of these dresses! So gorgeous.

A and A said...

His story in these pieces are so damn incredible. I want to live in a fairytale and take a very long time to dress each day.
love from San Francisco.

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