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I've been on a bit of a Proenza Schouler kick lately. Whenever I think of the dream outfit I'd wear for the day, it almost always consists of mostly Proenza (and obviously a good dose of Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 some Rag & Bone here and there). Today I decided to sit down and spend some free time reviewing some older Proenza Schouler shows that I either hadn't seen in a while or hadn't seen at all. Even going as far back as 2003, the brand always offers something great and timeless in the way fun things can be. I had intended to do a post about my favorite Proenza Schouler looks ever (which I may still do), but I got so stuck on this Spring 2007 collection that I couldn't go one step further without reminding everyone about it.

Everything about this collection was just so, so phenomenal. The disheveled hair, the baby pink lips, the ode to Hervé Léger, the muted tones, the shoes (WITH THE SOCKS!!!!@#!$!). Everything about it was and still is great.

Although I think my favorite part about it is Freja Beha. This is definitely around the time I started realizing how insanely cool she is. And don't even try to tell me that she's not majorly cool with that hair and those sunglasses.

She is great...


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Zapping for Perfection said...

i couldn't agree more, just phenomenal. your blog is amazing ,follow us !

M and S

jamie-lee said...

I heart proenza schouler - I love how over the years there has been a similar aesthetic in each of the collections, so they are different, yet similar.

Paislea Elyse said...

ooooooh!! super cute!! i love the top left dress. it's gorgeous! thanks for the comment on my blog! hopefully you'll come back and follow!


Wynne Prasetyo said...

I agree with everything you write in this post and the pictures related to it. hahaha I can't say that any better.

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