The other day, my wonderful mother gave me the lovely surprise of a trip to Anthropologie where she was buying (score!). I figured I'd go easy on her wallet and just get one thing. Lucky me, they had one perfect thing.

Meet The Outdoor Cafe Cardigan

This great, crocheted piece that screamed my name the second I walked through the large, wooden doors (yes, I had to battle out the sound of many other dresses and pieces of dishware calling me name as well). Anthro calls this color "neutral motif", but I call it "perfect light lavender tannish" (it's got a ring to it, yes?). It's the most comfortable thing, and even has a little seaming in the back that actually lets you retain your feminine figure while wearing a slouchy sweater. As the proud owner of a million sweaters, I did not think that this was possible, but Guinevere has proved me wrong.

It's so cute, they made a model put it on.

Despite the fact that I've been constantly carrying the Guinevere around with me since purchase, it will probably have to wait a month or two until it has its time to shine. It's just too hot in Tennessee for thick crochet (much to my dismay)! That said, if you're sweater-crazy like me and are thinking about investing in a new one for those up and coming cooler months, I certainly give this sweater two thumbs up. It also comes in black and yellow, but in my book, neutral motif is the best by far.


(Images from Anthropologie)

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Wynne Prasetyo said...

very lovely cardigan! :)

yes it's pretty mild and humid here actually, in fact that's the weather all year long, so it's kinda boring too because we don't get to experience snow, or summer breaks, and stuffs. hehe, anyways, have a good day!

Zabrinah said...

I love this cardigan.

I love its name.

And I simply adore the way you describe its color.

That's going to be a well-loved cardigan!


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

that wrap is so cute, perfect for fall!

Melissa said...

What a sweet surprise! I love the sweater you chose.

TC said...

I love anthropologie! And that sweater is so cute!

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