Nail Fatigues


New season, new awesome Chanel nail colors.  Peter Phillips's newest additions are Khaki Vert, Khaki Brun, and Khaki Rose, perfect compliments for fall's military trend.  My favorite is probably Khaki Vert (the green one), because I've already seen a lot of taupe and gray lacquers already for pre-fall.  In my opinion though, no color will top this summer's Nouvelle Vague.

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Isabel said...

ohh i LOVE LOVE LOVE nail polish..such an addiction!

Briana said...

great colors for fall!

A Stylish Affair said...

I love these colours, they all look so great. My favourite is the green one as well, I'm so on board with that military trend it my favourite!

Max-Frederick said...

Oh oh I was gonna ask what the green color was, it's beautiful!

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