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Hey, remember that time when I really liked the Gary Graham Fall 2010 RTW collection, but then I kind of forgot about it, because maybe it got lost from viewing too many shows, or because there is not a single store to my knowledge in Nashville that sells Gary Graham, or because I never thought I would ever have the funding to afford one of his beautiful creations.  Whatever the case, today I was reminded how great Mr. Graham really is while visiting Worthwhile in Charleston, South Carolina.  It was there that I found my absolute perfect winter cardigan/jacket/cape/coat/dress/blanet.  The Gary Graham "Knit Jacquard Blanket Cardigan" is just beyond.  I promise I would wear it every single day and in every which way the day weather hits 50 degrees until spring.  It would cost me about a third of my savings from my summer job.  But I've been working really hard, and I've hardly bought any clothes this summer.  I deserve it, right?  I need some sage advice, please, anyone who comes across this post before I go shopping at 4:00 p.m. EST tomorrow, tell me what to do!

images via Worthwhile's blog

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