DIY: Destroy It Yourself.


I'm going to start this post off with a question:

What was I thinking when I wore these??

Well, not these specific shorts, but you get the idea.

If your life experiences have been anything like mine, at any given point from age 12 to 15, no pair of shorts was short or tight enough. I don't know why I inflicted this policy upon my poor lower half, but I did it nonetheless. For years now I've looked back upon my preteen fashion mistakes with much disdain. For some reason, though, that disdain never compelled me to throw any of my infant-sized shorts away. I always had a few pairs stuffed away in the back of my closet, awaiting their day of judgement (aka, wondering whether or not they would end up at Plato's Closet or just at Goodwill). However, all of this changed recently because of a deep yearning I had for semi-destroyed off-white shorts.
 I knew that I had a pair stuffed back in my closet, but I also knew that walking out of the house in those shorts with no modifications would essentially be the same thing as walking out of the house in white canvas underwear. This is where my gift of destruction came in handy.

While I can't actually sew anything, I luckily have a great gift of destroying things. Also luckily for me, I haven't really changed all that much in size since I was about 14. Knowing these two things, I took my pair of garden scissors and a mechanical pencil (obviously in place of a seam-ripper) and hacked away at the hem of those tiny, whitish shorts until they became a full inch and a half longer (just what my unfortunate upper thighs needed!). I now plan to do this to all my youthful-mistake shorts that lie waiting in the back of my closet for their college-age-appropriate makeover.

If anybody else out there has hoarded any of their old teeny-tiny shorts, I totally recommend giving them this update. Unless, unlike me, you have been blessed with the same great leg genes as Blake Lively. In that case, wear whatever you want, you ungrateful witch.


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