Meet my new kitten, Heidi.  She was given this name because she likes to hide a lot.  My family just got her yesterday after she was rescued from a drainpipe.  This morning, my mother thought it would be a good idea to get Heidi more adjusted by introducing her to our other animals and rooms in the house (she slept in a bathroom with her food and litterbox so we wouldn't lose her during the night).  She was placed on the floor, and less than a minute later she was lost.  My mother and I searched the entire house for a half hour before we both had to depart for work.  When I returned home around two o'clock, Heidi was still nowhere to be found.  I spent the rest of my day alternating between looking for the kitten and stress eating.  Eventually my father ripped open the bottom of a couch and a leather chair in an effort to find her in case she had climbed in one of them (we really like animals).  All furniture was overturned, all cabinets emptied.  Finally, ten hours after Heidi went missing, we found her on the interior of a wooden bookcase.  The rest of my night was spent ensuring that the kitten ate and got water, playing with her, petting her until she fell asleep, and then watching The Jersey Shore with Katie.  This is why I am giving no fashion posts today.  I will now redirect you to an old entry that I wrote which relates cats to fashion, making this a somewhat relevant post.  Click here.

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Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Hi honey's!!!

Great blog! ;)

A Stylish Affair said...

Awww shes so cute, and that is such a fitting name. I wish I could have pets in my house, but my mother is so against animals, she just uses the excuse that she's allergic to all of them. Haha that's probably why I want to become a vet.

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