Erdem, Fall 2010


For some reason yesterday, I happened to stumble upon Erdem's Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection.  I honestly can't remember whether I reviewed these clothes when they premiered last spring or not because the amount of shows became so overwhelming, but in any case, I am now.  Looking through these slides with a fresher mind has given me a much greater appreciation for Erdem Moralioglu's work.  It's a sad thing to admit, but before this show, I don't think I had ever seen an entire Erdem collection.  According to the designer, this specific one was "about Picnic at Hanging Rock: girls surviving on the mountain.  Elegantly, sort of," which comes through most clearly in the color palate, and the graphic prints of leaves and birds.  Fringe, lace, and ruffles gave added depth to many silk numbers, as well as standing out on their own.  I have to say that one of my favorite aspects of the show was the use of gray. Although it's a color that has been seen more and more frequently on the runways the past few seasons, I found its appearance on the closing floor-length numbers quite unexpected and incredibly beautiful.  This collection really piqued my interest and made me look through several of Erdem's past seasons, and I have to say that I am now an official fan of the brand.  It can be so nice to take the time to look through some of the older works by designers to really understand their heritage and what they're trying to communicate on a larger scale to consumers, so you can definitely expect to be seeing more from Les Deux on Erdem in the very near future.  That is, hopefully, before we get totally swamped with reviewing new shows from NYFW come September.

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Thrive on Novelty said...

OMG I loooove these pics! these pieces are gorgeous xx

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Roz said...

I adore his designs, blending a perfect mix of whimsicality (is that a word?), classic shapes and generally very desirable clothes. There are some stunning prints this in this collection. I would give a favourite, but I don't think thats possible!

Thanks for the comment.

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