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As the new creative director for Cheap Monday, Ann-Sofie Back showed her first collection for the brand this past Tuesday at Stockholm Fashion Week.  The show included many sheer pieces, often paired with ridiculously distressed denim, accented with silver and some sort of heinous yellow color (seen above).  Ms. Back cited L.A. celebrity trends and Latin denim as her inspirations.  Personally, I haven't seen a prominent or respected celebrity wear a graphic tee since about 2004, but I can at least understand "Latin denim" aspect (although I don't enjoy it).  With current trends pointing towards more classic and mature looks for women, what female actually wants to wear an item of clothing declaring the word "CHEAP" on it?  I would personally find such apparel embarrassing.  I understand that it's the brand's name, but can you really count on people you pass by on the street to know that?  And even if they do, it's not like they're going to be impressed that you're wearing a mass market t-shirt.  There were a couple wearable pieces (a slouchy jersey knit, light pink drop-crotch cargos), but overall the collection was really crap.  I mean, just look at the shoes and they say it all.  But what did you really expect from this psycho?

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Isabel said...

to be honest my first reactions was...Eww lol

Pietra Gunn said...

It is bad, but when you consider that last Spring's collection featured dresses made to look duct-taped in "certain" regions, it's not that surprising. I used to think of Cheap Monday as an affordable denim option, but they seem to have gone off the deep end. D:

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