All Too Appropriate.


I'm having some serious outfit envy over this picture that I found the other day, even if it is only a midsection shot. I'm sure it wouldn't be all that difficult to track down the wearer on the Fashion Spot or maybe even, but I don't need that. This is enough for so many reasons:
1. The BAG! I mean, really, the bag. It's an oversized, leopard print, probably pony hair, slouchy, handle-less, perfect, flawless bag.
2. The belt. You see that there? Peeking out the hem of that nice looking slub shirt? That belt that looks like your mom might have bought it at Chico's? Yes, that one. It's great. Thanks to Chico's and the likes of stores that trendy moms all over the country like to shop in, I'd completely written off these armor-like belts, but I suppose that I see the error of my ways with this picture.
3. The shirt. Doesn't it look comfy? Doesn't it just look so "I woke up for fashion week and I love fashion but  I'm still cool enough to wear this nice tee shirt"? I think so. It's so laid back. I imagine that she's probably got a hefty, loose bun on the top of her head to fit the theme.
4. The watch. It's trying to hide under that bag, but nothing (not even the best bag I've seen in years) can distract me from a good watch. It fits the look so well.

Geeze, I'm obsessed.


(Image from tumblr)

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olivia rae said...

totally agreed, everything about this is absolutely perfect.

Briana said...

obsessed myself. love this.

Vanessa said...

I would love to have that bag...

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