Imitation is Flattery.


Remember this great pair of wedge boots from the Chloe Fall 2009 show?

Remember the time that it was two years later and you still wanted to wear those boots, but because they are still probably upwards of $300, it's totally not feasible to purchase them?

Problem solved.
Hello, identical twin boots!!!


While browsing Modcloth (my newest online shopping obsession) today, I came across the long lost twin of the beautiful Chloe boot, and for only $87.99. Still a little pricey, yes, but I'd be way more willing to pay about $90 as opposed to something in the hundreds.

I'm definitely going to contemplate this buy...


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chelsea rebecca said...

i better see you this fall rocking these shoes. i mean can we say incredible?? you need them! and i can't wait to see how you wear them!!

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