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Sorry for the long absence on my part (yet again). I recently returned from an absolutely wonderful visit to Chicago to visit a good friend of mine and also have once again returned working at my weird part-time job. Time has been consumed, and now I've gotten used to it, and hopefully I can get back to blogging more.

So, back to it...

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A few days ago, I stumbled upon this wonderful little website which I cannot currently recall, but it featured some old fashion photography spanning from the early 1950s until the mid-1970s. While it was interesting to see what fashion shots and models looked like in the '60s and '70s, what struck me as most intriguing were the shots from the '50s.

 They didn't feature women defying the laws of feminism by wearing stupid looking clothes or skimpy, barely there attire. They featured real, stunningly beautiful women wearing beautiful, feminine clothing. While viewing these pictures, I kept hearing the word "feminism" over and over again in my head. While what I was looking at essentially defies the traditional view of feminism, I think my own is a pretty good one.

I feel like the most strong, feminist woman is one who is intelligent and independent enough to challenge any man, but who is womanly enough to rock a beautiful dress and some killer lipstick and be proud of it. The word "feminism", after all, does come from the word "feminine" . Why should being a feminist mean that a woman has to denounce high heels and a dainty demeanor? Being feminist, to me, is to celebrate everything there is to being a woman, both the striking intelligence and the graceful air that we all carry with us in one way or another.


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