Numba One Stunna.


Can we just take a few moments to fully appreciate how good everything about this look is?
Can I call for a moment of silence during which we will consider how much we wish that we had picked out this ensemble?
Can we just talk about this for a minute or two?
Jessica Biel killed it in this Diane von Furstenburg. And she really killed it.
She looks so freaking good that I'm overwhelmed.

I suppose I could bring myself back down to Earth a little bit by looking at the overly laid back the ensemble that Dree Hemingway was wearing at this year's CFDA Awards:


Anyway, I just went through all of the CFDA pics and immediately had to dismiss the idea of doing a post about the attire as a whole based on two reasons. Reason 1 is that, for the most part, many of the outfits were incredibly lacking. The photos looked as if they could be from any old fashion party, not something as exciting as the CFDA Awards should be. Reason 2 is that Jessica Biel frankly stole the show.

I digress..

I am going to give a nod to a couple of models who shone far brighter than any of their other mannequin counterparts at the event. I mean, Jessica Stam and Lara Stone really rocked their looks as well. Not as well as Ms. Biel though, so if this year's CFDAs were a contest, they would only receive honorable mention.

Photos from The Fashion Spot and Zimbio


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