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I'm sorry, I broke my promise. I told you, readers, that I would have finished my coverage of the Met Gala by yesterday. Yet, here it is two days later and all you've seen is how I feel about The Good. How I could leave you hanging for so long, I don't know. So, once again, I apologize for the wait, and without further ado, I give you...

The Bad:

Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte
Don't get me wrong, I love Rodarte, and this dress is nothing short of incredible; it's just that, well, it's not really occasion-appropriate. You don't wear a floor-length, lacy, white dress to a red carpet event, you wear it to your wedding. And speaking of all things inappropriate, Kirsten Dunst went with some pretty poor age-appropriate choices when it comes to how she styled this outfit. We'll start with the top; her hair pulled straight back like that with fresh, rosy cheeks is beautiful, but it gives the impression that she's a 6-year old trying on Nana's nightgown for fun. And then you look at her shoes (which, I'm sure are wonderful enough on their own) and it's like, well maybe she was trying to be a grandmother after all. Just, too inappropriate all around.

Eva Mendes in Dolce & Gabbana
Okay, I want to preface by saying that I don't think this is an ugly dress, or that Ms. Mendes styled it poorly, or that it fits her badly (because, let's face it, she works everything she wears). It just really ages her! That mermaid bottom is so maternal for me. I don't know, I would have much rather seen this dress on Vera Farmiga than Eva Mendes is all.

Eva Longoria in Marchesa
I'm sorry, but I wasn't aware that Mrs. Longoria is only 4 feet tall. Oh! She's not?! Well, that dress hitting such a petite lady at mid-calf coulda fooled me! And sorry, Georgina Chapman, but I'm about ready to rip that train off the back of that dress and use it as a tablecloth like it's meant to be used.

Janet Jackson in Lanvin
I almost don't want to write about this look because I don't consider Janet Jackson to be fashion forward in any way, and I feel like it would be the generous thing to give her the benefit of the doubt. No such luck for Ms. Jackson though. I'll try to be nice about this dreadful outfit, so I'll leave this look alone by simply saying that if she wanted a boobage mishap again, she shouldn't have ruined a perfectly gorgeous Lanvin dress for cleavage's sake.

Rachel Bilson in Louis Vuitton
Now, I love Rachel Bilson and I think that she is super stylish, so I feel a little bad harping on her about this one mistake. That said, it is a kind of atrocious mistake. I loved this dress in the Louis Vuitton show, but it just doesn't seem as glorious on Ms. Bilson. I really think that it's the hair alone that ruins this outfit. If it weren't for the weird patch of orange-brown at the ends of her hair, the color of the dress wouldn't have been so bad. If it weren't for that awful, not occasion-appopriate, crimpy hairdo, the outfit may have been saved. You'll do much better Rachel, I'm rooting for you.

Blake Lively in Marchesa
Okay, okay, we all get it Blake Lively; you've got a killer pair of legs. Way to go. But why is it that you just cannot ever seem to stop showing them off while simultaneously pulling your hair as far back as it will go? I'm just ready to see something new from the girl. Also, I really have a problem with the shoes and the dress; they don't seem to go well together at all for me.

Emmy Rossum in Kenneth Cole
She looks painfully underdressed. It's awkward, really. The color doesn't look bad on her, it just looks for such a dressy event. Plus, with that big, short necklace about to choke her, this almost looks like one of those dresses that has a weird necklace attachment on it. You know, you find them in the Old Navy sales bin for $1 like 3 months after every pool has closed.

Kristen Bell in Diane von Furstenburg
From the waist up, she looks stunning, and then you get closer and closer to the bottom of the dress and all the sudden it looks like she's trapped in a pillar of stone! Seriously, this dress looks so heavy. And you can't see her feet at all. I honestly worry that somebody chopped off her lower body and plastered the top of her to grey, rocky column of a dress.

So (even though I may never get around to it) I'm hoping to have The Ugly ready sometime tomorrow. I got into a car wreck a few days ago, and my poor baby is going into the shop tomorrow bright and early, so I'll have plenty of time to sit and rant about how atrocious fashion can be tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled.


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chelsea rebecca said...

WOAH blake?? really. i mean do i need to see the goods? i feel like if she sat down then bam. shes on the cover of every tabloid and she's the newest lindsey lohan! haha.

"she's a 6-year old trying on Nana's nightgown for fun" - that totally killed me!!!
and so dead on.

rachel usually always gets it!!! but i am not liking the strappy sandals. reminds me oh bad payless prom shoes!!

can't wait for THE UGLY!!!!!!!
for i'm sure the outfits will be completely awful! hooray! haha.!

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog! Wish I had Blake Lively's legs!

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