surfin' usa.

maybe it's because eating 4 - 7 oranges every day makes me suddenly feel tropical, but when i saw these images today on ffffound, i just couldn't stop thinking about them.

made one of them a link on our blog? oh yeah.

posted one on my tumblr? you know it.

saved each one onto my computer? oh, absolutely.

there's just something about a 50's photograph of a packed beach that is so classic american. probably because in the 50s and 60s we were shamelessly interested in always looking our best rather than trying to hide our efforts today. anyway! these photos reminded me a lot of the prada spring/summer 2010 collection that was so good with all the beachy prints and short little dresses, micro-shorts, summery pigtails, and out-of-this-world, big, red, shiny, lips.

i love that miuccia's way of showing 50s glamour in today's world is to just wear photos of it. using that logic, can i wear pictures of carmen miranda and look as cool as those girls on america's next top model that one season?

photos from this random website.

no? yeah, probably not.


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