it's not abandonment if you come back, right?


So, not that we have any diligent readers at this point, but for those of you who stop by occasionally, we figured it was about time we answered the burning question we know has been festering in your subconscious for ages now:

Have you quit les deux???

Our response, in the word made fashion-famous by Viktor & Rolf in 2008:

After a short stint of extraordinary business in Jax's life and a difficult personal situation in Katie's, we've decided to be big girls and get over our problems so that we can get back to doing what we love: telling other people about how we feel about fashion.

You'll hear more from us soon. In fact, Katie has a potential DIY project in the works as we speak.

So basically we're sorry for the lengthy absence, we hope you forgive us, and that we can still be friends.

All better?

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chelsea rebecca said...


i love how you said NO.
and i can't wait for the DIY.

plus how am i supposed to know whats going on in the fashion world if my favorite fashion bloggers don't tell me whats up!

hope all is well!

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