katie likes...michelle o.

i'm so tired of all the iris strubeggars and jamie bocherts popping up all over the place. the fact that all these girls are "original" and "anti-pretty" is just kind of becoming clich├ęd. so when i saw this editorial on fashion gone rogue feature the very beautiful michelle o. (no, not the first lady) i was extremely pleased.

fashion gone rogue

after doing a little research that, for a while, yielded no results about this blonde beauty (and way too many about mrs. obama) i finally found out a little bit about her.

modeling out of capetown, south africa, michelle oosthuizen apparently represented south africa at some ford supermodel of the world 2008 (but i'm not certain about that, so don't go off to wikipedia with my "facts").

mostly, i like the fact that she looks like one of those girls you'd see when you're out with your friends and think, "she's the prettiest person i've ever seen in real life." i mean, unless you see jessica stam walking her dog around your neighborhood everyday, she probably would be the prettiest person you'd ever seen. and i like that you can imagine seeing her somewhere other than a runway or the pages of some super intense magazine.

the fashion spot

i'm ready for pretty models to be popular again.


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