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really, this article should be titled that i love garance doré! such a witty and creative woman; kind of makes me think that if tina fey had been bred and raised on fashion, this is how she would have turned out. not only are her drawings and videos incredible, her writing style is just brilliant to read. here's a video she made at lanvin for the fall rtw 10 collection:

magnificent, no?

while browsing through her blog, i noticed that she had done a list of 10 fashion staples that she can't live without. while reading it, i realized that a simple list of 10 can tell you a lot about a person, and despite the fact that jax and i are rather unforthcoming about our own lives, we'll be supplying you with our top 10; here's mine:

1. blonde bobby pins - i know, lame first essential, but i really wear them everyday. i always tell myself i'll leave my hair down one day, but i can never seem to stick with the resolution. having dark brown hair, i like the subtle elegance that the gold gives it.
2. brown knee-high boots - real leather, fake leather, suede, or cardboard (not really); it doesn't matter what they're made out of at all. brown looks great with any color, and no matter what they're worn with, i feel like boots add a more put-together feeling than flats or sandals can.
3. flowy white tunic - in an almost entirely neutral toned wardrobe, a simple, flowy, white top goes with every outfit i can imagine. i have one from j. crew that's going on 5 years old now and i find myself wishing every day that i'd bought 5 or 6 from the store.
4. shoulder-strap bag - i have a pale blue, leather one that goes everywhere with me. it's the perfect size for holding all of my essentials (keys, wallet, chapstick, etc.) without being overbearingly large or way too tiny. also, i love to be hands free, so something that stays attached to me with no effort is a must-have.
5. a good, chunky scarf - mine is a beige circle scarf from the gap, and i LOVE it. seriously, i got this thing at christmas and i've worn it more than any other item of clothing i own.
6. silver cuff bracelet - it's a simple accessory, but it makes a big difference.
7. medium/dark wash slim jeans - go with everything. my favorites are a pair of free peoples that i got a while back, but they are perfect. they are a wonderful color and, unlike some jeans can, don't make me look like i'm about to go work on a farm or anything. lately i've really enjoyed cuffing them just above the ankle.
8. hanes white tanks - i wear one of these almost every day. they're for men, but they fit me really great and add are so comfortable.
9. well-made tights - another one of those things that just makes you look more put together. if you can't tell, i'm all about finishing touches. also, these are an essential for winter; how could you wear a dress/skirt without them?
10. black pea coat - always a good go-to when it's cold out. simple and will be chic forever in my book.

so i guess the list is a little more winter-based than i'd hoped, but what can i say - at the moment, all my essentials are warm. making this list has made me want to make all sorts of lists! makeup, accessories, food, lists galore!
no worries, i'll refrain.

i definitely recommend checking out garance doré's site (here it is in english). i'm sure you'll fall in love with it if you haven't already.


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I love all of your Fashion Essentials

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