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freja beha erichsen, purple magazine spring 2010

let me just start of by saying i've always been a huge freja beha fan.  however, upon first viewing this picture, it kind of freaked me out.  i mean, everyone is aware of the prevalence of super-skinny models in the industry, but sometimes it's easy to forget when they're covered in layers of clothing in fashion spreads or on the runway.  here in the nude, ms. erichsen looks as though she could easily be snapped in half like a toothpick, or blown away by a gust of wind.  capturing her from this side angle almost renders freja invisible.  i suppose she must have some form of muscles in her legs to be maintaining that pose, but it's certainly hidden well.

sorry, i don't know why i was so startled by this picture; just thought i'd share.

p.s.  i can't remember where i found this or who shot it, and when i went back to look again i couldn't find the image anywhere online.  so to those people, i apologize.

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