katie likes...fashion.

i know, i know: you don't have to scroll more than once to know that i (or mostly jax, since she's been so diligently reviewing the shows, unlike myself) like fashion, and very much. so why make a post about it, right?

well, you know how sometimes it's fall fashion week, and you really intended to keep up with all of the shows, but then you suddenly feel overwhelmed because one day style.com only posts 3 and then the next day there are 40 new ones, so you get into a sort of fashion funk? and how, on top of that funk, it's also the week before spring break, so you've been actually studying for midterms and then all of your spare time is spent talking about how great the beach will be with your friends?


okay, yeah, it was a little specific, but i think that every fan of fashion has these brief periods where you just need to distance yourself from it for a few days so that when you return, you love it all the more. clicking aimlessly through images on the sartorialist, it suddenly hit me that i love fashion, and just like that, i was out of my funk. i realized suddenly that viewing fashion shows isn't a daunting task; that taking the time to really pay attention to the 4 magazine subscriptions you get each month is not that difficult; that trying to use the limited amount of clothes that do not accurately reflect the trends you saw for spring at proenza schouler or balenciaga isn't tiresome. in a sentence, i realized that fashion is fun.

fashion is about wearing your sweater as a scarf because it's just the right color to go with your tweed cape.

all images from the sartiorialist

fashion is about leopard print shoes over leopard print tights just because you couldn't choose one or the other today.

fashion is about wearing all of your favorite trends at once and really working it.

sentimental as it may seem, i deem fashion as more than following trends simply for the sake of being trendy. fashion is more than buying the most expensive clothing you can afford because it's got that recognizable label. it's more than self-expression; it's passion and it's a way of life, just like any other great passion is, and

i love it.


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Trop Rouge said...

You are absolutely right. Fashion isn't about how cool you look in the newest trend, its about how clothes make you feel and bringing out you.
thank you for this post :)

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