katie gives...vena cava, B-.

vena cava cited their inspiration for this season as "what [they'd] want to wear to Woodstock." while i'd expected another take on the whole hippie revival that seemed to be a part of every collection for spring 2010, vena cava surprised me with a sort of sixties-meets-today's-hipster vibe. i wasn't all that impressed with the more casual pieces, which seemed a little safe and boring; the classier pieces which were incorporated into the looks were what gave vena cava some major brownie points from me. 

my favorite looks were as follows: second photo of a simple, black dress with one thick strap and one super thin one, which seemed to be a cocktail goes daytime look. a simple pair of pleated shorts and a slate-colored coat with a fur collar that added a perfect touch of elegance. and, my number one look, a white sweatshirt layered over what seems to be a beautiful, floor-length, black evening gown.

over all, the collection seemed to be about uptown meets downtown; personally, i think that vena cava was at its best when the ratio yielded a bit more toward the uptown aspect of the clothes.


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