katie gives...kimberly ovitz, B+.

quick post about kimberly ovitz, a new brand to me. for a brand that seems to be all about minimalism, which can be done very right or very wrong, orvitz got it all right. simple, comfy looking shirts and pants and a lot of interestingly cut fabrics. the best of the collection was certainly the few pair of pants with slits of leather sewn up the right leg. kimberly orvitz seems to be about taking classics (real simple classics, like jeans and t-shirts) and adding a simple twist that turns a plain, tweed pair of pants into a really intense piece of clothing.

on another note about the kimberly orvitz collection (a weird note), please take a look at these ridiculous sunglasses worn by one of the models:

could they have picked a more outdated lens shape? i want to say that it's progressive, or ironic, or something modern, but i really just think that those glasses are so stupid looking.


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